M1 Garand

The Rifle Behind the Ping: 

With American experience in World War I showing a need for an accurate and rapid fire rifle, the successor to the M1903 Springfield had to meet this criteria. Designed by John Garand a decade after the end of World War I, the M1 was introduced in 1936 and first saw service in 1941 with the U.S. Army. Known as the Semi-Automatic Rifle, Caliber 30, M1, the Garand provided unrivaled firepower to each infantryman in World War II with no other nation using a semi-automatic rifle for their standard issue rifle. While it is a hefty 11 pounds unloaded, the M1 is versatile and was well liked by the troops who used it. It has seen service from World War II during the 1940s to the current Syrian Civil War ongoing as of 2023.